IIFME Attendees Represent Full-Spectrum Buyers

A Non-Stop Promotion Campaign

Every Product Category

• Fastener Production Machinery

• Hot/Cold Forming Equipment

• Materials: Steels, Alloys, Titanium, Aluminum, etc.

• Tooling

• Components

• Inspection Systems

• Testing Equipment

• Packaging Systems

• Machine Design/Build Services

• Secondary Operations Equipment

• Process Control/Monitoring Systems

• CAD and other software

* CNC Machining

• Feeders/Sorters/Conveyors

• Cleaning Systems

• Lubricants

• Manufacturing Support Services

• Machine Repair/Rebuild

• And Many More


Every Application

• Automotive

• Appliance

• Aviation/Aerospace

• Building/Construction

• Chemical Processing

• Electronics

• Food & Beverage

• Furnishings

• Heavy Industry

• Marine/Off-Shore

• Metal & Mineral Mining

* Military/Defense

• Off Road

• Power Generation

• Processing Industries

• Railway

• Specialty Fasteners

• Water Desalination Plants

• And Custom Applications

IFME will be promoted through an intensive program of:  public relations, direct mail, e-mail updates, print and online advertising and social media.


The show will also receive editorial support from a wide range of industry publications, trade associations and professional societies


The informative show Web site will be updated on a regular basis.


IFME’s non-stop publicity program is designed to inform, interest and motivate fastener and precision formed part manufacturers and related companies throughout North America about the resources and solutions available at their industry event...and why they will want to attend.