Note: The IFME exhibitor list will be posted shortly.

Previous exhibitors have included the following companies:

3View.Com, Inc.

Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH - AMBA

An Chen Fa Machinery Co., Ltd.

Anderson Controls

Arken Manufacturing, Inc.

Asahi Sunac Corporation

Automation Devices, Inc.

B.M. Rebuilders, Inc.

Barbarotto International Machinery

Can-Eng Furnances, Ltd.

Carlo Salvi S.P.A

Carlo Salvi USA Inc.


Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co. Ltd.

Cold Header Machine Corp.

Computer Insights, Inc.

Creative Carbide, Inc.

Dah-Lian Machine Co., Ltd.

Drawing Technology Inc.


F H Machinery, Inc.

Fastener Equipment Corp.

Fastener World Inc.

Feng Pei Co., Ltd.

Formatech GmbH


Gem International Co. Ltd.

General Inspection, LLC

Global Fastener News

Goessling USA

Greenslade and Company

Hariton Machinery Co., Inc.

Hatebur Metalforming Equipment,Ltd.

Heritage Tooling Services, Ltd.

Heroslam S.A.L.


Hydro Carbide, Inc.

Hydropulsor AB

I-Tech Int'l Corp

Impact Global Machinery, Inc.


Industrial Fasteners Institute

Intools, Inc.

J&J Carbide and Tool Inc.

Jerhen Industries, Inc.

Jern Yao Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Johnstown Wire Technologies, Inc.

Kinefac Corporation

Kingsyear Co. Ltd.

Kingwin Precision Co., Ltd.

Konfu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

L & W Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

Mectron Engineering Co., Inc.


Metal Forming Systems, Inc.

Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.

National Machinery LLC

National Rolled Thread Die Co.

O & K American Corporation

ORT Italia, S.p.A.

OSG Tap & Die, Inc.


Powell Systems, Inc.

Power Sonics LLC

Precision Tool Group (PTG)

Push-Up Tools Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Rebuilding Corporation

Reed Machinery, Inc.

Reg-Ellen Machine Tool Corp

Regg Inspection

Rockford Manufacturing Group

Rockform Tooling & Machinery, Inc.

RTM Products, Inc.

SACMA Limbiate SpA

SACMA Machinery Corp.

Sakamura USA, Inc.

San Yung Electric Heat Machine Co., LTD.


Scientific Forming Technologies Corp.

Smart Machining Technology Co., Ltd.

Snart Thread Rolling Solutions

Sterling Die, Inc.

Talleres Saspi, SA

Ticho Industries, Ltd.

Truform Equipment, Inc.

Unimatic Engineering

Universal Punch Corp.

USA Carbide Tooling, Inc.

Videx Machine Engineering

Wafios Aktiengesellschaft

Wafios Machinery Corp.

Wrentham Tool Group

Products, equipment, systems and services exhibited at IFME include the following categories:

Aerospace Tooling and Punches

Assembly Tables

Automatic Abrasive Cutting

Automatic Bar Shears

Automatic Facing and Chamfering

Automatic Precision Hot Forming

Bar Shears

Blank & Parts Feeders

Bolt Makers

Butt Welding Machines

Carbide Tipped Spade Reamers

Carbide Tooling

Centerless Grinders

Chamfering Equipment

Circular Saw Blades

Circular Thread Rolls

CNC Wire Bending Machines

Coil Compactors

Coil Up/Down Enders

Cold Headers

Cold Heading & Associated Tools

Cold/Warm/Hot Forming Machines

Computers & Software

Conveyers, De-Oiling Centrifuges

Cutting Tools

Cylindrical Bolt Threading Dies

Cylindrical Thread Rolling Dies

Downtime Software

Drill Point Forming Machines

Drilling, Cutting, Grinding & Secondary Operations Machines

Extrusion & Knock out Pins

Fastener Sorting Machinery

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Flat Thread Rolling Dies



Form Rolling Dies

Form Rolling Machines

Forming Tools & Dies

Furnace Feeders

Furnace Feeders/Loaders

Grinding Wheels

Groove Rolling Machines

Header Tools & Dies

Heat Treating Equipment & Services

Hexagon Socket Tooling and Gages

Hexagon Washer Tooling

In-Line Wire Drawers

Induction Heating Systems

“J-Link” Loaders


Machine Repair & Rebuilding Services

Marking Machines

Mechanical Descaling Equipment

Micro Formers

Nail Making Machines

Nail Rolling Machines

Nut Formers & Tappers

Packaging Equipment/Systems

Part Cleaning Equipment

Parts and Tooling

Planetary Bolt Threading Dies

Planetary Nail Threading Dies

Planetary Threading Dies


Power Driven Uncoilers

Process Control Equipment

Process Monitoring Systems


Quench Oils

Recess Tooling


Reman Services

Ring Rolling Machines

Robots and Automation

Roll Forming Machines

Roller Belt Conveyors

Rotary Nail Making Machine

Wear Parts

Screw Blank Making Machines

Shearing Equipment

Shop Floor Terminals

Single & Double Washer Assembly

Sort, Test and Inspection Equipment

Special Recess Punches & Tooling

Step Loaders

Thread Rollers

Thread Rolling Dies

Thread Rolling Machines

Torx and Torx Plus Tooling

Trade publishers, associations, organizations, etc.

Transfer Headers

Trimming Dies

Turntables – Passive & Power Assisted

UltraSonic Cleaning Equipment

Upset Testers

Used Machines

Videx Machinery

Wafer Tooling

Web and other digital information sites

Welding Equipment

Wire Drawing Equipment

Wire Feeders

Wire Guides

Wire Payoff Equipment

Wire Pointing Machines

Wire Straighteners & Cutoffs